Critical Incident Investigations

The Pleasanton Police Department is committed to thoroughly investigating any critical incident involving our officers. The reports that are available on the links below and body-worn camera footage are difficult to read and watch. The goal in releasing this information is that the content be handled responsibly and that it demonstrates the depth of the department’s internal and external review to help address any questions about the cases presented.

In Alameda County, there are two separate investigations of officer-involved incident: criminal and administrative. The Pleasanton Police Department and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office run independent, parallel criminal investigations. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the criminal investigation which determines if any laws were violated. The administrative investigation is conducted by the Pleasanton Police Department under the supervision of the division commander and reviewed by the chief of police to determine if the officers’ actions were within department policy.

For each of the three cases, presented are the criminal investigation report, the administrative investigation report, the body worn camera footage, and the Alameda County District Attorney’s final report. 

Incident #18-30256

Incident #17-18194

Incident #15-24571

Criminal Investigation Report: 15-24571 Deming Case Rep_20200812090610.pdf

Administrative Investigation Report: 15-24571 Deming AI_20200812090418.pdf

Alameda County District Attorney Report: 15-24571 Deming DA Final Rpt.pdf

Body Worn Camera Video #1